Health advice is only a phone call away

At Bupa, we offer much more than health cover. Our expertise extends to health support services that include being able to speak on the phone about your health and wellbeing to one of our specially trained health professionals, known as a health coach.

Bupa Medical TeleHealth is one of Australia’s most widely used coaching specialists in the prevention of chronic disease and offers support for people with conditions such as heart failure, heart disease, diabetes and back pain.

With you on every step of your journey to better health

Bupa Medical TeleHealth’s goal is to help you become a healthier version of yourself. Our specially trained health professionals provide personalised telephone health coaching services for individuals and workplaces, to help our customers to stay motivated and on track for success in their health journey.

Whether you want help with nutrition, sleep, stress, or to quit smoking, our health coaches will support you with the information, tools and guidance to help you better manage your health.

We’ve coached more than 70,000 Australians to help improve their health – that’s enough to fill most football stadiums!

An excellent companion on your journey to better health


Our telephone coaching service offers you regular phone contact with our specially trained health professionals.


Call 1300 030 238 to see if you are eligible.